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SRW Products Slip Resist (3.2oz)

SRW Products Slip Resist (3.2oz)

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Add this polypropylene particle mixture to create a textured surface, improving slip resistance. Not visible when dry. Great around pools! 3.2 Ounces.


  • Specialty Seal: DG, DG VOC
  • Paver Seal: LG, HG, HGX, HGX VOC
  • Premium Stone Seal: S-HGX, S-HGX VOC
  • Wetcast Seal: W-HGX, W-HGX VOC
  • Concrete Seal: WB: All except True Seal, SB: 1-Step, 1-Step VOC, Green VOC, Select VOC, X-treme VOC

Slip-Resist Safety Data Sheet

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