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Low Gloss Clean 'n Seal Kit

Low Gloss Clean 'n Seal Kit

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This Clean 'n Seal kit includes the Cleaner, Sprayer, Roller, and Sealer you need to seal or reseal your Concrete Pavers. Save money and confusion with this easy to use sealing kit. 

Kit Includes

  • Paver Wash
  • Low Gloss Paver Sealer - Water Based
  • 1-gallon Sprayer
  • Slit Foam Roller


  • Paver Wash - 200 sq ft per gallon 
  • Low Gloss Paver Sealer - Water Based - 150 sq ft per gallon


  • If project is larger than 500 sq ft, Call or Email for a Quote
  • Kit includes enough sealer for One coat. 

*Please note, this kit can only be used on Unsealed Pavers or Pavers that haven't been sealed in 5+ years. If applied over another sealer, appearance and performance may be affected. Instructions are included on the Paver Wash and Sealer can. 

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