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Chapin 1-Gallon Sprayer

Chapin 1-Gallon Sprayer

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Chapin 25010 Clean & Seal sprayer is a handheld 1-gallon sprayer that is a great option for DIY Homeowners and Contractors. This sprayer comes with 3 nozzles and can be used with a variety of chemicals such as Sealers, Cleaners, Aggregate/Mulch Stabilizers, and Deck Stains. The compact translucent poly tank with a funnel-top makes filling up easy. 


  • Flexible and Reinforced 34” Hose
  • Poly Tank, Pump, Shutoff, and Wand
  • 3 nozzles for Fine, Medium, and Viscous liquids
  • Translucent Tank with Funnel-Top
  • Chemical Resistant Hose and Seals
  • 1-Gallon Capacity

Chemical Compatibility

  • Most Hardscape Sealers and Cleaner
  • Deck Cleaners and Sealers
  • Transparent Stains
  • SRW Sealers™: PS, LG, HG, PSX, LGX, HGX, DG, S-PS, JS, PRX, SGX, CG
  • SRW Cleaners™: Xylene

    *Not for use with Solid Stains

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