Take These 14 Steps to Make a Better Landscape

Take These 14 Steps to Make a Better Landscape

Maintaining your outdoor space can be just as much work as getting the laundry done, vacuuming and washing floors indoors. Maybe your neighbor has an unsightly mess or maybe your current situation is that you are the neighbor with a mess. No matter where you are at now with maintaining your yard this checklist may help you plan for yard maintenance projects this summer.

  1. Clean trash
  2. Prune
  3. Remove all lawn debris
  4. Rake fallen leaves
  5. Mow
  6. Water
  7. Soil Testing
  8. Fertilize
  9. Herbicides
  10. Pest Control
  11. Replenish any mulch
  12. Consider Mulch Stabilizer
  13. Edge around hardscapes
  14. Sweep hardscapes


Seem like a lot of work? We didn’t say it would be easy, but who doesn’t enjoy looking over the benefits of a project that was hard, but is completed. Utilize this list biweekly to monthly to ensure you are staying up on yard maintenance.

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