Stand Out with Privacy Options that Fit Your Style

Stand Out with Privacy Options that Fit Your Style

Landscape privacy has evolved so much in recent years with the development of design fields, creativity sharing among social networks and the desire to have a home feel not only indoors, but outdoors as well. Let My Supply Shed help you determine the right privacy option:


Fences offer a visual buffer between your home and your neighbors. When building a fence of wood or vinyl composite you create privacy with noise reduction. Now if you enjoy your neighbors company and you want to entertain in privacy, but with a welcoming feel, you may choose a semi private fencing option.


Semi-private fences add visual interest allowing natural light, breeze and a comforting sense of containment. These options may be considered chain link or open weave fencing. You will not see much noise reduction, but adding a buffer might be exactly what you’re looking for.


Spice things up with a blunt and trendy stone option. Stone can be designed to lengths of your imagination. Dream big dreams with the design you have in mind. Stone complements many home structure features and really adds sass to any landscape design. Stone offers privacy features by determining your objective with privacy. The cost will be much higher than that of a standard fencing option, but stone can last a lifetime if done correctly with minimal maintenance. If minimal maintenance doesn’t ease your mind about cost, build a shorter structure and add a light-colored lattice to the top, reducing cost and adding character.


If privacy structures and planting drives your vision you may consider lattice, panels, trellises, and/or arbors. The amazing thing about this decision is you control your privacy. Sport an open feature or allow vines and other plants to grow for more privacy. Color will spread with plant growth and the space will be softened with an inviting ambiance. This may also be your most cost-effective option, many of the pieces needed to pull this together are affordable. Maybe complement with raised container gardens?


Fabric is trendy with endless options to contribute to a homeowner’s hardscape. Fabric structures can be custom made to a client’s specifications or bought from an online source and utilized to fit your imagination. Fabric can provide shade with shade sails or set laterally to aid in privacy. Up and coming market designs offer variety in using fabrics for privacy. This option is topping the charts for true displays of architecture and design. You may find fabric features listed as movable screens or outdoor draperies.


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