Not Your Average Run of the Mill

Not Your Average Run of the Mill

Types of caulking guns:

  • Ratchet – operated by pushing the handle forward as the trigger is squeezed running the bead of caulk. The plunger continues to exert force on the tube of caulk after the trigger has been release so you may notice oozing. May be less effective for larger jobs.
  • Battery powered – allows for a consistent speed of caulk released as the trigger is pushed. Allowing for ease of use.
  • Pneumatic – placed inside a sleeve the tip is punctured and when the trigger is released pressure is released from the cartridge. You will find less hand fatigue when using this type of caulking gun.


Additional features you may find beneficial:

  • Smooth rod – provides the most control.
  • Built in cutter – easily trim the tip to desired cartridge size.
  • Built-in wire – clears the tube of clogs.
  • Dripless design – releasing the trigger stops the caulk from flowing.
  • Seal punch – built in punch tool for products that have an inner foil seal.
  • Ladder hook – for hanging from a ladder.
  • Open frame – a lighter design.
  • Higher ratio – when the trigger is pulled more thrust is transferred to the shaft, less work.
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