No Need for Extreme Clean, This Will Do

No Need for Extreme Clean, This Will Do

3 Tips to Maintain your Mower

Take time to look over specific care instructions for your specific mower type and model located in the manual received with your mower. Lost your manual? A lot of manuals can be found online today by simply putting your mower year, make and model into a search.

  1. Storing – keep your mower functioning properly by protecting it from the elements. Depending on your location this may mean covering it or putting it in a shelter to ensure mechanics are not overly exposed to damp and cold weather conditions.
  2. Cleaning – to maintain efficiency and performance of your mower take time to remove left over grass and particles after each mow this may be as simple as pulling out a broom and dusting the surfaces. Remove any heavy clogging with the mower off and a gloved hand. If your mower has a lawn bag make sure to empty after each use. You may consider twice a year emptying fluid turning the mower on its side and scrubbing gently with a brush to get a complete clean afterwards replenish with fresh fluids. Pull out the air filter and give that a wash with warm soapy water, allowing for it to air dry, once dry coat with 2 tablespoons mower oil and place it back in the mower. Don’t forget to check that spark plug!
  3. Check-ups - Periodically check the engine to ensure there is no build up and that oil levels are accurate. On occasion to check nuts, bolts, and wheels to make sure nothing has worked its way loose. Take proper safety precautions to do a once over on the blades for sharpness and accuracy.  
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