Minimize Time and Energy in Your Yard

Minimize Time and Energy in Your Yard

You pull in after a long day of work to a brief few hours of sunlight. You look to your neighbor’s yard and see yet again Tom Green Thumb plugged away all day at his immaculately pruned, mowed and developed landscape. Obviously, you are jealous of your retired neighbor for many reasons, but it all leaves you wondering when do I break down and hire a professional?

My Supply Shed offers 5 signs you need to hire a professional:

  1. Not enough time – we all only have so much time in the day and when your yard starts to look like trolls invaded, it is indisputable hire someone that can handle your mess. Leaving that pesky neighbor in the dust. Lawn care requires constant effort and commitment.
  2. Weeds – spreading quickly, weeds will take over your yard. Once you have lost control it is a huge job to reign in. Remember when you first started your job things took longer, but now you know exactly what you are doing and can breeze through tasks because it’s what you do. Allow someone that does it every day to step in. It may only take them a quarter of the time.
  3. Overgrowth – destroys the value of your home. Overgrowth also attracts insects, pests and small animals. While looking ill maintained the overgrowth may pose safety concerns. Statistics show that more burglaries occur when entrances are hidden by overgrowth. Provide yourself piece of mind, hire a professional.
  4. Disease – development of brown, yellow, bare spots, mold and other curious formations or lack of can be early signs of diseases establishing growth in your yard. If left untreated can lead to larger issues.


What to look for when choosing a lawncare professional:

  1. Experience – do not be afraid to ask for many references or look up reviews prior to making the call.
  2. Proper tools – lawncare professionals are busy. If the company is big enough to have a salesman out to quote it is likely that company does a good job, but may not be cost effective. Someone that comes to quote most will come with some equipment because they are multi-tasking. Size up the equipment, do you believe it is suitable for the job?
  3. Quality – ask questions, and it all in as a learning experience. The right professional will have knowledge about different types of soil, nuisances, grass, plant growth, pruning schedules, fertilizers, pesticides and equipment. A perk would be that they have training in horticulture or landscape architecture.
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