Light at the End of the Tunnel for your Hardscapes

Light at the End of the Tunnel for your Hardscapes

On the market today, there are a variety of landscape lighting options from LED, halogen, and solar the opportunity to upgrade the look of your hardscapes at night are endless. Having lots of options on the market makes this an easy project and cost-effective to find styles and finishes that build on your daytime features while being functional in the evening.

Outdoor lighting options offer ambiance and safety to hardscapes. Developing a strategy around the display of lighting features may enhance your existing outdoor elements. Safety should also be considered in your plans by taking note of dark areas. Ease your mind walking in the yard in the evening hours or dark areas intruders may target.

Contemplate how the following placement options may benefit your current layout:

  • Down-light creates a dispersed light that filters from above to create walking paths or to enhance safety around entrances to your home. The soft glow down lighting provides gives the feel of the moon enhancing your landscape.
  • Up-light builds a contrast between dark and light for dramatic shadows.
  • Cross-light to eliminate shadows in areas that may be accessible to intruders. Cross-lighting is used to complement canopies, water features, and large hardscape designs.
  • Pathway lighting increase walkway safety to prevent accidents and injury. Combine pathway lighting with ambient lighting for a natural lighting effect.

Finding the mix that is perfect for your current design may be a bit of trial and error. This cost-effective addition to your landscapes can be exactly what is needed to enjoy an evening outdoors looking over your hard work. You may also find satisfaction in the heightened safety features lighting adds to your outdoor spaces.

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