Insurance on a Beautiful New Design and Healthy Plants

Insurance on a Beautiful New Design and Healthy Plants

Ensure you have a plan in place. A critical piece to developing a new landscape design or adding to what has been put in place already is understanding the make-up of all the plants in your collection. The make-up of each plant plays a part in how compatible they are with each other and the environment they are placed. If you are first successful in the interpretation of layout and make-up just following these steps in aftercare you will have a thriving growth situation.

  1. Adaption – make sure you are giving your new plants the correct amount. Under and over watering may lead to an unfortunate situation for a new plant.
  2. Formation – consider the first one to three years of a plants placement the formation stage. This stage generally requires the most maintenance and will make or break the lifeline of the plant. Full recovery of root systems can differentiate for each plant. Landscaping fabrics can assist in protecting your young plants against weeds attacking new root establishment. Once your plant is formed to its new location you will find it holds up to weathering, insects, and potential animal interactions.
  3. Conservation – this refers to long term care of your plants, after formation. Looking over each area to ensure near the plants are properly weeded, pruned and watered. You may find long term care does not require much work after you have set the bar for growth in the formation stage.

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  • Ashly Hughes
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