If the Price Is Right Make It Happen

If the Price Is Right Make It Happen

Location impacts the cost of your outdoor kitchen greatly.

Building a “perimeter kitchen,” a kitchen that is close to your home likely will save you money because you may not need the expanded cooking equipment such as a sink, refrigerator and so forth because you may be able to utilize your indoor amenities. The number one advantage of having a perimeter kitchen is you can use existing utility lines; water, gas, and electric.

Kitchens located further from the home are known as “satellite kitchens.” Generally, a satellite kitchen is more expensive because utilities need to be run away from the home or new utility line need to be constructed to suit the location and features of the kitchen. Additional costs in this type of kitchen may be building permits, sewer hookups, and proper drainage. To ensure safety a satellite kitchen is best started by a professional. The benefit of satellite kitchen though not necessarily budget friendly is privacy and functionality away from the home.


Design is key in the functionality of your outdoor kitchen. Sit down with a pad of paper whether you are good at drawing or not, draw it. Now sit for several days and navigate your outdoor kitchen in your mind. Use that kitchen in your mind repeatedly for every event, activity and so forth you plan to have utilize the space. Consider what works for grabbing things you need and so forth. Contemplate proper lighting, understand if you forget lighting you will be limited with the daytime use of your outdoor kitchen. Another show stopped for outdoor kitchens can be weather, protect your kitchen when not in use, create shelter in your kitchen to continue with plans in with mild weather changes.


Equipment is going to be based off specific functions you have in mind for your outdoor kitchen. There are so many options on the market today both budget-friendly and astronomical. Take time to look over your plans, budget, and ideas to narrow down priorities from cooking to refrigeration and sinks.


Materials this is not the area you want to spread your budget thin. Lifeline of your outdoor kitchen may lay in building materials. Remind yourself this is a cooking area. You will eat from the surfaces you cook on. Consider surfaces that are easy to clean and stand up to all your local weather conditions.

Deciding if you will build your outdoor kitchen yourself (DIY) or hire a contractor may be determined by your budget or how extensive the project. 

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