How Do You Follow A How To

How Do You Follow A How To

Placing Landscape Fabric

  1. Draw a reduced scale drawing of your new setup, make sure to measure with accuracy and proper placement for growth in mind.
  2. Start to dig, clearing out all root systems that could exist from grass, weeds, etc.
  3. Layout landscape fabric and cut to fit. Make sure to overlap the edges approximately 6-inches.
  4. Then, secure your chosen edging. Fabric can be secured with garden staples.
  5. To ensure minimal weed and grass growth in your new setting only cut a hole big enough to allow the new plant to grow. This can be done with an X cut done with a scissors or a box cutter. Watch your cut because additional space cut may allow for penetration to the roots by growth of weeds and other nuisances. Leave you fabric intact, do not detach cut sections.
  6. Water the root systems of all plants before placement.
  7. When you have all your plants set, close the x-cuts toward the root system.
  8. Now is the time to lay your rock, mulch or chosen addition for top layering. Make sure placement of your top coat is far enough away from base of the freshly planted.
  9. Bask in your hard work and new look!


Tips from Homeowners:

  • Choose a professional grade landscape fabric. Determine weight, thickness, and lifeline as all play a part in longevity.
  • Add additional nutrient modifications below the landscape fabric such as; composted manure, peat moss, and other organic options. You may want to do a soil/water test to ensure you are offering the correct makeup of nutrients to balance the diet of your fresh plants.
  • Make sure your soil is level prior to laying your landscape fabric.
  • Make sure you use fabric with the rough side down to ensure fabric placement stays in tact while you are working.
  • Do not cheap out on fabric. Ensure you have enough fabric to create a good overlap and all for overhang on the edges, tucking with a putty knife prior to completion.
  • Pin material every 8-10 inches on the edges and 12 inches in the center.
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