Get Excited About Curb Appeal

Get Excited About Curb Appeal

You do not have to spend an arm and a leg to earn money on curb appeal of your home with landscape design. Small investments go a long way.  It is important to stay organized. Structure with layers, and growth pattern as it relates to permanent objects. Compatibility of existing plants can all influence an eye-catching appeal. Get a double take by having a landscape that offers balance, symmetry, and repetition with consideration to scale.

It is tempting when strolling through the gardening section to put all the most visually appealing plants in your cart, but that will not get you a lasting collaboration in your garden. Planning will always get you better results. Make sure you are sizing for growth, creating order, assessing the compatibility, and allowing for some year-round appeal.

Set yourself up for success from the beginning, maintain the health and look with a vibrant landscape display that radiates a nurtured yard. Take time to get dirty. Make sure weeds are scarce.


Suggestions for small additions that add value:

  1. Trees – you may find joy in the color varieties. Use trees to cover eye sores, provide shade, or reduce noise. Plant trees in sun soaked areas for energy savings.
  2. Native plants – choosing plants native to your part of the country means hardy plants that are less susceptible to pests and disease. Native plants grow well, require less care, you will need less pesticides and less water.
  3. Developing a landscape with multiple layers can give your yard year-round texture and color. Variations in design can range from plant sizes, shapes, colors, and blooming throughout the year. To determine what is right for your location you could visit your local garden center or do online research to find a fit for effective placement and matching of plant variations.


You may find excitement in year-round green foliage and exotic textures or a variety of blooms with staggering flattering appeal. Maybe you are looking for a shade structure with high and low-level textures. Based on your local climate the varieties are endless.

Creating a visual interest is easily done by knowing placement of clusters with space to grow. Flow means following an intriguing transition from street to front step. Planting can create a softened experience visually and borders mapping the property.

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