Be Determined to Find the Right Fit

Be Determined to Find the Right Fit

Optimize your outdoor patio by collecting furniture pieces that complement each other with versatility as far as use is concerned. Searching out the perfect pieces to utilize in your outdoor space may be a challenge because until you define what makes this space fully functional in your own mind the vision won’t be clear, take a moment to look over what is on the market and evaluate your needs.

  • Accomplish multiple things with one piece; a foot stool that has storage, but can also be a place comfortable enough to sit. Look for pieces that can be utilized in two-three different ways.
  • Consider how much a piece might weight, maybe you live in an area that furniture needs to be moved often because of weather conditions, or you store your items certain times of the year. Maybe for you the alternative is true, you need heavier pieces that can be left outdoors year-round and is never moved.
  • Pull everything together with an outdoor rug made from durable fibers like sisal, nylon, or synthetic fabrics offering water resistance. Rugs can add a fun bold statement to outdoor entertaining.
  • Spice things up with eclectic containers such as large urns, hanging baskets, galvanized containers, clay pots or colorful ceramics. If you didn’t add a pop of color and texture with a rug this can be an area to create a statement as well.
  • Warm your space with a patio fire pit. The ambiance added with a fire pit is sure to welcome any friend or family member over for a relaxing evening.

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  • Ashly Hughes
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