3 Helpful Things to Consider in Planning Your Walkway

3 Helpful Things to Consider in Planning Your Walkway

Whether you’re planning a lengthy walking path or a short strip leading to your front door developing a strategy is always best. Here are some things to consider when planning for a new walkway.

  1. Width – two people walking side by side generally takes about 4 feet. Plan at minimum four-feet in width, but for sure fit five-feet depending on the space you have may be more suitable for safety. Visually appearance is always at the top of the list when considering design so plotting your widths and looking it over for a few days might save you the headache of being unhappy after the work has been done.
  2. Shape – evaluate the features of our home from an outdoor perspective. If your objective is to eliminate rundown trials from walking through your yard curves will not help you. Follow those rundown areas and choose paving materials that suit the architecture of your home.
  3. Paving Materials – for safety purposes you may find peace of mind in poured surfaces. For visual impact follow features of your home for an extra pop.

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  • Ashly Hughes
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